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Nanna Susi is a Finnish contemporary artist (born in 1967). In the beginning of 21st century she lived and worked few years in Rome, Italy, and nowadays she is located in Helsinki, Finland.

Susi is a passionate person. She is also a disciplined artist who seeks inspiration from her search for perfection and her ability as a painter to camouflage the multidimensional architecture of her works in a vivacious expressionist guise. For Susi, painting is a field of display for the energies and currents that constitute life.

After her graduation from the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts in 1997, Susi rose to prominence through Tampere Art Museum’s exhibition “Young Artist of the Year 2000”. Ever since, she has held numerous private shows around Finland and Europe, and has taken part in group-exhibitions on an international scale. Susi was showcased in a vast exhibition "Underneath the Eyes" at the Helsinki Art Museum (HAM) during 2012-2013.

Susi's paintings are included in many Finnish collections, for example in Helsinki, Tampere and Lahti art museums, EMMA art museum in Espoo, KONE foundation collections and many private, foreign collections, e.g. South Africa, Italy, France, Germany, England, Switzerland, Egypt, India and USA.


Exhibitions 2017


Soul Weaving, FAA, Tampere

June 9 — August 27, 2017

Väinö Linna Square 13 (Old Factory)
Finlaysoninkuja street 9 (Gallery Himmelblau)
Tampere, Finland

Nanna Susi on taas oma itsensä:
"Väkivalta taiteessa on aina ollut sallittua, mutta auta armias, jos on tavoitellut sielukasta".
Article in Aamulehti 8.6.2017 

Nanna Susi, Aamulehti


Garden of the Branching Paths
Spirit of the Well, 200 x 200 cm, oil on canvas, 2016—2017


On-going Project 2015—2020


Nanna Susi "Two Journeys"

Read more information on the Blue and Red Art Project and its schedules on the project page .

 Blue and Red — Two Journeys
 Two Journeys Blue and Red



Nanna Susi at Makasiini Contemporary


Tuomiokirkonkatu 6, FI-20500 Turku
Makasiini Contemporary website =>

Love is Painted With Red
Love is Painted With Red, 120 x 160 cm, oil on canvas, 2017


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