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Nanna Susi: Silmien alla - Underneath the Eyes

Nanna Susi and the Art of Being Human
Years ago I made the decision that I would be a painter through my life. Each year I ask myself if this commitment still holds, if this still is my thing. The harder one’s work as an artist becomes, as the mind’s horizon narrows, the harder it becomes to see things anew. Surely I could do other things too. But there is not enough time for experimenting with everything. I want to die as a painter. There is something honest about that.
Nanna Susi, 2012

Works: Nanna Susi
Photos: Jussi Tiainen
Graphic Design: Sami Valtere
Printer: Kariston kirjapaino Oy, Hämeenlinna 2012

Hardcover. ISBN: 978-952-5654-45-5. Parvs Publishing, Helsinki.

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