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Nanna Susi "Two Journeys"

Nanna Susi and Canal Cheong-Jagerroos are two visual artists from Finland and China live and work in Helsinki. They will travel over 25000 kilometers together by train/car, traveling deeply into China and Finland for their upcoming exhibition project 'Blue and Red' 2017-2019. More information on the project available in the blog below.

News from China / 新聞:

展览预告 | 蓝与红 · 中芬艺术文化交流展
Exhibition Preview | Blue & Red Art Exhibition (news)

Blue and Red Art Project Museum's Exhibition Schedules 2017-2020

Project Co-founder: Nanna Susi (Finland)
Project Co-Founder: Canal Cheong-Jagerroos 張 彤 茹 (China/Finland)
2017 Finlayson Art Centre, Finland
2017 Basel Art Center, Basel, Switzerland
2018 Xian Art Museum, Xian, China
2018 Tang Bo Art Museum, Xian, China
2019 Salo Art Museum, Finland
2019 Jyvaskyla Art Museum, Finland
2019 Chengdu Art Museum-Blue Roof, Chengdu, China
2019  Rovaniemi / Korundi  Art Museum, Finland
2020  Joensuu Art Museum, Finland

Summary of the project:

⇒  Blue and Red Art Project shortly (193 kb)

More on our Blue and Red Art Project (pdf files):

⇒ Blue and Red Art Project Presentation (1,1, Mb)
⇒ Presentation of Paintings by Nanna Susi (4,0 Mb)
⇒ Presentation of Paintings by Canal Cheong-Jagerroos (3,8 Mb)

More on this:

 Blue and Red — Two Journeys
 Two Journeys Blue and Red

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