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Nine Lives And The Foyers

25.10. – 24.11.2013

Years ago I sat in a sauna with my hundred year-old grandmother. After the sauna grandma brushed her thin, long hair and said: "I'm such a wild cat." I was in my thirties- forties crisis. I looked at her and was bewildered.

According to stories, cats have nine lives. After my last big exhibition in Helsinki Art Museum in 2012 I wondered, how many lives have I lived and painted. Cat came naturally to my paintings.

As a painter, I am definitely a content provider. I see much of my life through my paintings, I know their phases, I know their interphases and I know the point at which they crystallise. The Lives and foyers. Paintings, such as theatre, withhold rhythm and dysrhythmia, happy and unhappy endings. They can be long and endlessly consuming, or short and quickly rewarding. As a painter, I am used to sitting alone in the audience.

For me as a creator, painting is at its most interesting when its themes and ideas change and switch places. As a spectator, when I'm not sure what's going on. As a painter, the most interesting paintings are always incomplete.

The foyer is a built-in landscape for me. It is a small corner where life with its fears and joys assemble. For me, foyers are full of hours of the wolf of humankind: They are the places where to focus, to regain ourselves. Foyers tolerate feelings. They are places where emptiness is identified. And if there is emptiness, artists’ duty is to fill it with life. The emptiness is either invented or filled with life, or it is loaned from elsewhere. Or it can be sensed.

In this exhibition at Korjaamo Galleria I move from place to place. Once again I am trying to break down what I have done, and oppose to where I am going. The unknown is dark at first, or at least obscure.

Nanna Susi




Cats And Spirits

Cat's vision in the dark is about six times better than human one.

Do you remember the classic fairy tales? They were made on a time of high infant mortality rate because they offered solace.

Life has always been considered a difficult genre. A cat was also considered a symbol of witchcraft. The cat is sleepy and sweet, but at night they become silent predators.

During the late Middle Ages a huge amount of cats were being killed in many European countries, because of their supposed relation to witchcraft. For three hundred years cats were burnt in ceremonies in Europe.

On the other hand sailors believed that cats were able to calm down a storm. Buddhists believed that the human soul can temporarily rest in the cat 's body after the death.

Napoleon Bonaparte, Julius Caesar, Benito Mussolini, Alexander the Great, and Adolf Hitler suffered from ailurofobiasta, which means unnaturally strong fear of cats. Cat fear is also attributed to the fact that the cat as an animal figure is connected to female sex.

Cat's eye transparency range according to light amount has been perceived treachery.

The paintings are missing lines. It is this cat.

My grandmother Katastiina hadn't got a cat. She drank the cognac in the evening and added always cream into it. She died at the age of one hundred and three at home in Suonenjoki, Savonia.

Nanna Susi

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