Pinxinmäki 2019

“How are them doing now”
Pinxinmäki Art Hall

Pinxinmäki Art Hall is located in Sysmä, besides the lake Päijänne. During this summer Art Hall is exhibiting art works of different artists that have been previously chosen as “The Young Artist of the Year”. Additionally there are different changing exhibitions in the granaries of the Pinxinmäki courtyard.

“Painting – I couldn’t have better spent my time”, Nanna Susi states after approximately 30 years of painting. “It doesn’t mean, that this would have been easy, but I love challenges. I have also once said that  I’d like to die as a painter – it has something honest in it.”

Mon-Sun at 11am – 6pm

Read more on Pinxinmäki website (in Finnish).

Joensuun banderolli

Blue & Red — Two Journeys
Joensuu Art Museum
23.5.2019 – 27.10.2019

Exhibition is part of Blue & Red Project. Two Journeys — Kaksi matkaa.

Blue and Red -projekti

Blue and Red Art Project Exhibition Schedule 2017-2020

Project Founder: Nanna Susi (Finland)
Project Founder: Canal Cheong-Jagerroos 張 彤 茹 (China/Finland)
2017 Finlayson Art Centre, Finland
2017 Basel Art Center, Basel, Switzerland
2018 Xian Art Museum, Xian, China
2018 Tang Bo Art Museum, Xian, China
2018 Salo Art Museum, Finland
2019 Jyvaskyla Art Museum, Finland
2019 Joensuu Art Museum, Finland
2020 Rovaniemi / Korundi  Art Museum, Finland
Keinutan tulevaisuutta lähelleni unelmoimalla. Se on absurdi mielen tuottama henki. — Se on lahja.