Nanna Susi at her studio, Helsinki, 2020
Nanna Susi at her studio, Flemingatu 6, Helsinki, 2020

A Black Angel changed her life

The life of Nanna Susi is divided between two countries


Six photos out of the visual artist Nanna Susi’s life

Visual artist Nanna Susi grew up caring for calves in a carefree rural setting. At school age, she achieved championships in apparatus gymnastics. Later she became a successful painter to whom art teaches humility. The program has been produced by Jonni Roos. Published 8/15/2020 at 8:05 AM

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Atelier Project, MACRO ASILO – Museo d’Arte Contemporanea Roma, Italy (2019)

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Days 5 & 6

Finale / Recap

Kirjankansi, In The Moods
Publication “Nanna Susi In the Moods”

Esipuhe / Foreword
“Nanna Susi – Alitajunnan maalari”
“Nanna Susi – Painter of the subconcious”
Laura Luostarinen

Maalauksia / Paintings

Sanoja / Words
“Ylikypsä hetki ja tuore ajattomuus Nanna Suden maalauksissa”
“The overripe moment and immaculate timelessness in the paintings of Nanna Susi”
Altti Kuusamo

Sanoja / Words
“Nanna Susi in the moods”
Heidi Grahn

Curriculum Vitae
Nanna Susi

Valokuvat / Photographs
Jussi Tiainen
(Giorgio Benni s 35, 36, 39. Pihla Pasanen s. 190)

Kustantaja / Publisher
Parus Verus

192 pages.
ISBN 978-952-7245-07-1

Nanna Susi Studio now
nanna susi studio

Fleminginkatu 6, Helsinki, Finland
(approx. 100 m from Karhupuisto)

Tram 3, 9, stop at Karhupuisto.
Meetings according to an agreement.

Kirsi Kiljunen, assistent

Keinutan tulevaisuutta lähelleni unelmoimalla. Se on absurdi mielen tuottama henki. — Se on lahja.