The Paintress and Furious Love

Nanna Susi

Lahti Museum of Visual Arts Malva
Päijänteenkatu 9, 15140 Lahti

Furious Love
Furious Love, 190cm x 240cm, oil on canvas, 2022

The Paintress and Furious Love

7.10.2022 – 2.4.2023
Lahden visuaalisten taiteiden museo Malva

Tuotanto / Production
Nanna Susi Oy, 2022

Kuvaus / Filming
Pihla Pasanen

Editointi / Editing
Pihla Pasanen, Nanna Susi

Tuotantokoordinointi / Production coordinating
Kirsi Kiljunen

Musiikki / Music
Across the Border – Cool Cat Music, Bach Toccata in D minor for Violin Solo – Blue Shift, Easy Spirits – Manna Music, Kukkurukuu – Mariska ja Pahat Sudet, Distant Lands – Hanu Dixit, Shady Business – Ave Coo

Tila on tunne, kansi, Nanna Susi

Tila on tunne, 2022

Nanna Susi Oy

176 pages.
ISBN 978-952-94-6714-3


The paintings of Nanna Susi have found a home in hundreds of apartments around the world.

The book Tila on tunne presents these spaces. At the same time, the residents of these homes get to tell what the painting means to them and how it affects the space and its feeling – emotional state.

Nanna Susi, Tila on tunne
Taiteilijatar ja raivoisa rakkaus, kansi, Nanna Susi

Taiteilijatar ja raivoisa rakkaus, 2022

Nanna Susi Oy

Parus Verus kustannus, Helsinki

88 pages.
ISBN 978-952-7245-25-5


The book contains Nanna Susi’s paintings from 2020-2022.

Upon Golden Land, Nanna Susi
Kirjankansi, In The Moods
Nanna Susi In the Moods

Parus Verus

192 pages.
ISBN 978-952-7245-07-1

Underneath the Eyes, Nanna Susi, publisher Parvs
Underneath the Eyes


128 pages.
ISBN 978-952-5654-45-5

Vaelluksia Italiassa, 2019 (Wanderings in Italy)
Vaelluksia Italiassa
(Wanderings in Italy)


Authors / Editors
Markku Kaskela, Tomi Kontio

211 pages.
ISBN: 9789523042148

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